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a little writing project

  Kaiju Attack In a galaxy far far away lived a beast that waged war against all species that threatened it. Kaiju !       Kaiju lived on the planet Crolg. This planet was barren and burned from the battles that were waged. One after another star fleets of different species would attack planet Crolg and Kaiju would defeat them! Kaiju had the nasty ability to emit an Electromagnetic pulse that would magnetize the enemy ships and draw them to each other. Then as they began to slam into one another they would explode. Bigger and bigger ships would come and Massive explosions would shake the galaxy and move the planets.      Finally one day there was a single ship that flew towards Crolg with one lone pilot, a young woman named Jasmine. Jasmine had beautiful golden hair that would fill the cabin of the spaceship. Kaiju readied itself as the ship approached. Kaiju emitted the Magnetic pulse and it magnetized Jasmine's ship. The only problem was that there wasn’t another ship to crash i